Services We do a lot more than just see people when they're sick. Look after your health, see your doctor when you're well and if you ever do fall ill, its easier to deal with someone you already know.   Home visits We can do home visits if the need arises. Seeing people in the surgery is more efficient, we have more facilities, but if you're unable to come to us for some reason of ill health, we can come to you. There may be an additional charge however, and we limit this to the Shore, south of Hauraki Corner.   for Medical emergencies - phone 111 If someone has chest pain, can't breathe easily, or are unconscious, call an ambulance, its safer and faster than being driven to hospital in a private car.   After-hours - 24 hours/day 7 days/week If you need advice outside our working hours, phone Anne Street Medical Centre 445 3483 and you'll be able to speak to a trained nurse who can advise you what is the best thing to do. They will be able to give you home care advice, assess if you need to go to an after hours service or if you are better to wait to be seen the next day. This service is free to all Anne Street patients.    
If you have any comments, email us , phone us, or talk to us. Was the service up to scratch? Is there something else you think we should be offering?

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